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The name Teiramyt derives from an ancient Elven word for “potential.” It was recognized and named by the the Eladrin, the race believed to hold the first empire in the world.


Teiramyt is made up of four major continents: Fomoraig (in the East), Medinan (in the Southeast), Brythonia (in the West), and Laetinus (in the Southwest). The Ice Halo is not a continent, but a string of large islands in the northernmost region of Teiramyt that is considered significant geographically, though few have ever visited these islands.


Before the Eladrin, Teiramyt was pure chaos. Orcs and other monsters ruled in unorganized tribes over much of the land. It is believed that much of the subterranean world was controlled by the Dwarves and most Dwarves claim that they had the first empire. Finally, Eladrin banded together and drove the monsters back to make room for their civilization. The Age of Chaos ended, which led to the beginning of the Civilized Year One. The Eladrin King Rialiss was the first ruler. The Eladrin Empire spanned from the continent of Fomoraig to most of Brythonia, and some of Northern Laetinus. The kingdom controlled most of the known world, though the southern half of Teiramyt was mostly still wild.

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