World of Teiramyt

Session 4: The Store of "Curious Goods"
The heroes find a relic in an odd place

Shadrash, Alonius, and Celyn leave Helvar’s castle and stay the night at an inn/tavern called “The Devil’s Horseshoe.” When they awake, they find their items have been tampered with, but nothing has been taken. They question the inn keeper about their missing items. He eventually confesses to knowledge that people have rummaged through the heroes’ belongings, but the three find no more information about the ocurrence. They decide to leave to the next town in their journey, Strontum, but they are caught offguard by the shopkeeper to a strange shop, called “Curious Goods,” staring out the window at them. She is a pretty young girl who greets them and introduces them to the concept of the store. The characters purchase keys to unlock boxes with strange items inside them. The three acquire various items by opening boxes, and the shopkeeper says that the spirit of the building, a kind old wizard who died in the shop (which was his home at the time), tells her to let the characters unlock another box. Celyn chooses a strange bone key, which unlocks a dark box. Inside it contains a strange eye, which Shadrash and the shopkeeper identify as the Eye of Vecna. Some debate erupts between Shadrash and Alonius as to what to do with the eye, but Shadrash quickly puts the eye in a box and locks it. Alonius is unhappy about this, but the group then sets out for Strontum. The eye is kept hidden from the townspeople on the way out, because the shopkeeper says that the people of Selvair worship the god of death and would do anything to get the eye.

Session 3: A Strange New Town

The heroes make their way to the town of Selvair, in search of Thyriston Helvar. They learn from the strange people of the dark town that he is the lord of the town, and he lives in a small castle on a hill just north of town. The characters follow the path when they encounter a beggar being harassed in the street. Celyn and Shadrash intimidate the townspeople into leaving the beggar alone, but he disappears as well. The heroes continue up the path and Shadrash notices a man following him. When they confront the man, he doesn’t make much sense but claims that the town just doesn’t like outsiders and keeps talking of how the guards will kill the characters if they start a fight. He raises a knife, but does not provoke the characters. Vampire guards approach the characters and warn them of the townsfolk. The characters progress into the castle, where they notice strange spider-like creatures crawling on the walls. The creatures are swarms of autonomous hands, which the characters are forced to fight. Suddenly, the beggar comes into view and aids the characters in their fight. After the battle, Thyriston himself applauds the effort and allows the characters to converse with him. He has no awareness of the assassins targeting him other than the one he has recently dispatched. He looks at their list of assassin targets and recognizes all of the people. He says that Darakum is probably in the capital city of Carathyl, and he has recently said that the something is not right in Carathyl. He mentions a vampiric revolution in passing, one where he and his vampire army retake the Selvair Peninsula as their own, since its townspeople are so far out of the loop in matters of national politics. He also offers to all the characters to become vampires and join his revolution. Alonius seems most tempted by this offer, but temporarily refuses.

Session 2: Following the Trail of Murder

Alonius and Shadrash are interrupted from their festival by a plea from the old noble. Beran is troubling the guards to bring his saviors/captors back to the prison to speak with him. They return, and get Beran to agree to leave Carathyl on a merchant boat, never to return. But as a guard escorts him out, the adventurers lose sight of him. Meanwhile, a a young woman named Celyn (half-elf warlock) arrives in Gulden Falls to see its beauty. But as she wanders about the festival grounds, she witnesses Beran and his guard walk down and alley between two building. Suddenly, a shadowy figure jumps off a nearby building, injuring the guard and brutally murdering Beran, who screams loudly, halting the celebration. As the figure dashes away, Alonius and Shadrash arrive and accuse Celyn of being the murderer. But the shadowy figure is seen on the rooftops and the adventurers chase after him. Celyn and Shadrash jump from building to building, following the murderer as Alonius follows on the ground. The killer eventually jumps off a building and runs to a clearing next to a steep bank leading to the ocean. Though Shadrash crashes off a building while chasing the killer, all three adventurers meet up with the killer, who is revealed to be a Tiefling, at the edge of this bank. After much fighting, Shadrash pierces his sword straight through the Tiefling’s torso, killing him. But the three find a note on the body, which reads:
Beran Vaagral (Gulden Falls) xxx
Thyriston Helvar (Selvair) xx
Quinn Brannig (Strontum) x
Darakum Sorrow (location unknown) xxx
Report to Mattis Jervantis after the death of Beran Vaagral
Alonius and Celyn realize that their friend and mentors are both the same person – Darakum Sorrow, who is now being targeted by an apparent group of assassins. The group realizes they must talk to Mattis Jervantis, reeve of the town. They travel to his house, which has a number of Royal Guards outside (wearing full platemale with a blue stripe painted on each side between their shoulder and neck). They talk to Mattis, who seems visibly nervous, and after some convincing, dismisses the guards. He anxiously says that his cousin, Silvari Alectus (who is the lord of the town and has appointed Mattis as the reeve, and lives in Strontum) ordered an assassin to kill Beran, but he doesn’t order all murders. He says there are eyes and ears all over Carathyl. He doesn’t like what’s going on with this plot, and he says that someone wants to do what he or she believes is best for Carathyl by controlling it. He says that the guards are probably overhearing the conversation, so everyone in the room may be targeted by the assassins now. The heroes eventually leave the house, and see Mattis grab a dagger before heading upstairs. They discuss where they should go, and decide that though Alonius and Celyn want to help their old mentor and friend, they should not neglect others on the murder list. They resolve to leave to the nearest town on the list, Selvair.

Session 1: After Dark in Gulden Falls

Shadrash (Dragonborn Paladin) and Alonius Tryc (Half-Elf Bard) found themselves in a small village called Guldin Falls in the middle of a festival to celebrate a large annual harvest of cod. The people of Guldin Falls claim that the best tasting fish live right off the shore of Guldin Falls. The village had many signs that warned villagers not to leave their homes after dark. When asked about it, a guard said that wolves and rats roam the streets in massive packs after dark. The adventurers continued about the festival when a citizen of the village said that he had important news to relay to them – he was the target of the attacks. His name was Beran and he claimed to be a member of a group of six nobles close to King Themeus III who attempted to dethrone him eight years earlier. The group was banished to the island village after their failure. The characters agreed to help him and the only other living member of the group of nobles. Shadrash and Alonius fought bravely to defend the former nobles from lycanthropes, but one contracted moon frenzy and was killed. The characters worked their way into the streets with Beran, the last of the nobles, and fought a werewolf and his wolf minions. Just as the wolves closed in on the characters, Shadrash slayed the werewolf with a blinding light. When the wolves retreated, Beran claimed he was going to get the town together and start a revolution to overthrow the king. The players stopped him and he was sent to jail. The town was freed from Lycanthropes and would have a celebration in the characters’ honor the next day.

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