Beran Vaagral

A former noble who attempted a coup on the king eight years ago.




Beran served the kingdom of Carathyl for years but, upset with the rule of the current king, attempted a coup with five other nobles. When the attempt failed, he was banished to the village of Gulden Falls, where he was not recognized by the villagers and forced to live the life of a commoner. Uncontent with this, he and the other nobles plotted a way to rise up again. But, expecting this, the local reeve, Mattis Jervantis, gained the aid of monsters to help kill the nobles while keeping the population of Gulden Falls from interfering with the plan. It worked up until Beran enlisted the help of two adventurers who killed the lycanthropes working for Mattis. But because of Beran’s lust for power, he was imprisoned in the Gulden Falls jail.

Beran Vaagral

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