World of Teiramyt

Session 4: The Store of "Curious Goods"

The heroes find a relic in an odd place

Shadrash, Alonius, and Celyn leave Helvar’s castle and stay the night at an inn/tavern called “The Devil’s Horseshoe.” When they awake, they find their items have been tampered with, but nothing has been taken. They question the inn keeper about their missing items. He eventually confesses to knowledge that people have rummaged through the heroes’ belongings, but the three find no more information about the ocurrence. They decide to leave to the next town in their journey, Strontum, but they are caught offguard by the shopkeeper to a strange shop, called “Curious Goods,” staring out the window at them. She is a pretty young girl who greets them and introduces them to the concept of the store. The characters purchase keys to unlock boxes with strange items inside them. The three acquire various items by opening boxes, and the shopkeeper says that the spirit of the building, a kind old wizard who died in the shop (which was his home at the time), tells her to let the characters unlock another box. Celyn chooses a strange bone key, which unlocks a dark box. Inside it contains a strange eye, which Shadrash and the shopkeeper identify as the Eye of Vecna. Some debate erupts between Shadrash and Alonius as to what to do with the eye, but Shadrash quickly puts the eye in a box and locks it. Alonius is unhappy about this, but the group then sets out for Strontum. The eye is kept hidden from the townspeople on the way out, because the shopkeeper says that the people of Selvair worship the god of death and would do anything to get the eye.



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