World of Teiramyt

Session 3: A Strange New Town

The heroes make their way to the town of Selvair, in search of Thyriston Helvar. They learn from the strange people of the dark town that he is the lord of the town, and he lives in a small castle on a hill just north of town. The characters follow the path when they encounter a beggar being harassed in the street. Celyn and Shadrash intimidate the townspeople into leaving the beggar alone, but he disappears as well. The heroes continue up the path and Shadrash notices a man following him. When they confront the man, he doesn’t make much sense but claims that the town just doesn’t like outsiders and keeps talking of how the guards will kill the characters if they start a fight. He raises a knife, but does not provoke the characters. Vampire guards approach the characters and warn them of the townsfolk. The characters progress into the castle, where they notice strange spider-like creatures crawling on the walls. The creatures are swarms of autonomous hands, which the characters are forced to fight. Suddenly, the beggar comes into view and aids the characters in their fight. After the battle, Thyriston himself applauds the effort and allows the characters to converse with him. He has no awareness of the assassins targeting him other than the one he has recently dispatched. He looks at their list of assassin targets and recognizes all of the people. He says that Darakum is probably in the capital city of Carathyl, and he has recently said that the something is not right in Carathyl. He mentions a vampiric revolution in passing, one where he and his vampire army retake the Selvair Peninsula as their own, since its townspeople are so far out of the loop in matters of national politics. He also offers to all the characters to become vampires and join his revolution. Alonius seems most tempted by this offer, but temporarily refuses.



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