World of Teiramyt

Session 1: After Dark in Gulden Falls

Shadrash (Dragonborn Paladin) and Alonius Tryc (Half-Elf Bard) found themselves in a small village called Guldin Falls in the middle of a festival to celebrate a large annual harvest of cod. The people of Guldin Falls claim that the best tasting fish live right off the shore of Guldin Falls. The village had many signs that warned villagers not to leave their homes after dark. When asked about it, a guard said that wolves and rats roam the streets in massive packs after dark. The adventurers continued about the festival when a citizen of the village said that he had important news to relay to them – he was the target of the attacks. His name was Beran and he claimed to be a member of a group of six nobles close to King Themeus III who attempted to dethrone him eight years earlier. The group was banished to the island village after their failure. The characters agreed to help him and the only other living member of the group of nobles. Shadrash and Alonius fought bravely to defend the former nobles from lycanthropes, but one contracted moon frenzy and was killed. The characters worked their way into the streets with Beran, the last of the nobles, and fought a werewolf and his wolf minions. Just as the wolves closed in on the characters, Shadrash slayed the werewolf with a blinding light. When the wolves retreated, Beran claimed he was going to get the town together and start a revolution to overthrow the king. The players stopped him and he was sent to jail. The town was freed from Lycanthropes and would have a celebration in the characters’ honor the next day.



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